I have been in IT since the dot com era and have seen some pretty amazing transformations. Different parts of business have embraced change at different rates, but it is incredible to see how every facet of our lives are changing and it is awesome to assist major businesses to transform, evolve, simplify, IT operations and architecture. FedEx has amazing reference architecture; the US Air Force embraced CMM/CMMI at different levels. I am a technical geek and a teacher at heart.

Career Objective:

Senior IT professional and IT manager searching for full time opportunities in the greater Portland Oregon area. Specialized expertise in data center operations, server and storage management, finance IT, UI development, technical writing, project management, leadership building. Motivated to modernize infrastructure, cutting costs of operations, implementing streamline processes, assist organizations with greater spend visibility, eager to build solutions that scale.

Other Career and Job Preferences:

  • Traveling up to 25%
    Prefer to work in Vancouver, Washington but have been commuting to Lake Oswego, OR for a year.
  • No problem being on-call; have been on an on-call rotation for most of my career.
  • Full time work as an FTE preferred.
  • Coupa procurement management is my most recent experience, but I have building, planning, tuning infrastructure for over 20 years.

Some advice that was given to me:

Rebecca McClendon (former EVP of FedEx Freight) once said to me that it is critically important that IT managers have accounting and financial knowledge. I have used my time at TruGreen to understand how finance and procurement work. It has been very valuable advice and valuable work experience.

“If it doesn’t hurt, you aren’t learning fast enough.”

“Always have a back-out, revert plan with any technical change.”

Technical skills are quickly dulled, but integrity takes a lifetime to build and a moment to lose. Conduct yourself responsibly, give people the respect they deserve each and every day.